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One of the biggest thrills in golf is making a hole in one. Even greater is the potential to win a big prize when that hole-in-one was made.

Prize Indemnity Insurance

What is Prize Indemnity Insurance?

Imagine that you need to organize a golf tournament for your company to attract new customers and want to offer a tantalizing prize without exceeding your marketing budget. What do you do next? Contact Advantage Hole in One. Your company could host a golf contest and be covered by a prize indemnification provider, the risk of paying out the award is then transferred over to the insurance company. At Advantage HIO, we offer prize indemnity insurance, our A rated carriers will cover the prize or cash award to your winning player during a golf tournament, contest, or hole in one event.

Prize Indemnity allows the contest sponsor to leverage a relatively small expenditure into a major prize. Our carriers calculate the statistical odds of someone actually winning the prize and base the cost of the Prize Indemnity insurance on the probability of a winner.

Prize Indemnity Insurance is offered for:

What Is Our Advantage?

One of the biggest thrills in golf is making a hole in one. Even greater is the potential to win a big prize when that hole in one was made. Advantage Hole In One stands out because we give you a level of comfort and security knowing that your event is backed by A rated Underwriters. Contact us today to request a quote by calling (800) 440-5070 or come see us in person at 8150 N. Central Expressway Suite 1450 in Dallas, TX 75206. We are glad to help you organize and insure your next golf tournament and promotions.


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