How to Choose Golf Clubs

Buying the best golf clubs to suit your golfing abilities is important. They will not only help you improve your golf game, but also help in preventing any injuries related to faulty or unmatched golf clubs. Selecting the right clubs in the shop is not the only thing that will help you do all that; you also have to know which golf clubs to use when you are out on the course. We have the perfect advice for you to make better decisions on both counts.

When Purchasing Clubs

If you are going out to purchase a new set of golf clubs, consider the following pointers:

  • Your playing abilities should be factored into your golf club purchase. Some golfers may have trouble with the long game; they should focus on finding quality woods and long irons for better driving.
  • Similarly, golfers with a weak short game should try to select a better putter.
  • Your experience as a golfer should influence the price of the golf clubs you buy. Novice golfers should buy less expensive sets and experienced golfers could go for the more expensive ones.
  • If they want, beginners can purchase high-end golf clubs at a reasonable price from pawn shops or used sports goods stores.
  • Don’t forget to visit a professional fitter once you have bought the golf clubs. The fitter will alter the clubs to fit your body type, making them more comfortable to play with.
  • Practice with your new clubs until they feel natural in your hands.

On the Course

Choosing the right golf club when you are on the golf course can be a challenge, especially for beginners. There is basically one single point that you need to consider when you are choosing a club on the course; the distance that you have to hit the ball. For example, a 4 iron, wood driver or hybrid club will be good for hitting the ball to a distance of about 170 – 230 yards. Your choice should also be influenced by environmental conditions on the course. The downhill or uphill greens and wind should be taken into account when selecting the right club.

We hope that the advice above can help you select better golf clubs and consequently improve your golf game. If it does and you end up hitting a hole in one or accomplish any other interesting feat, do let us know by leaving your comments below.