Other Contests for your Golf Tournament

Different contests can add value and excitement to any golf tournament. You can include these contests, to attract players and sponsors to your tournament. You can even get secondary sponsors, for each contest featured in your tournament.

The most popular contest featured in golf tournaments is the hole in one contest. If your tournament is featuring this contest, then you can contact us for your hole in one insurance. But, if you want to do something a bit different and less costly, then read on to find out about the options you have:

Putting Contest

A putting contest is always a player favorite; there are two different versions of a putting contest. In the first one the players have to make a single predetermined putt, and in the second version the players can sink different types of putts. A modest prize can be presented to the winner of the contest. You can add an extra sponsor for this competition and even charge a participation fee, to raise extra funds. Advantage HIO offers a special package, for the promotion of this contest.

Beat the Pro

If you can get a pro golfer to participate in your tournament, then a beat the pro contest can be featured in it. Players can be charged to challenge the pro for one hole of play, and if they win they get a prize.

Closest to the Pin

A longest drive or closest to the pin contest, can bring some excitement to your tournament. Charge a nominal participation fee and offer up prizes like free rounds of golf, shirts, caps, golf balls etc. Have a volunteer with a measuring device at the ready, when the contest commences; so, the winner can be chosen fairly.

Shoot-out Contest

A shoot-out contest can be as thrilling as a hole in one contest, ask the players to participate in chance to win a big prize. Pick the golfers who will compete for the prize and watch the competition unfold. We offer a special promotional package for shoot-out contests and prize insurance as well.

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