How About a Putting Contest?

There are many thrilling contests that can create excitement around your golf tournaments. Ranging from a valuable shootout contest to a lucrative hole in one contest, you can add any contest that can present a marketing opportunity for your golf tournament. Advantage HIO can help you find the right contest or activity, which suits your tournament and budget.

A Putting Contest

One of the more popular promotional events at golf tournaments is putting contests. They present an excellent opportunity for you to market your tournament. They can help you attract players and sponsors and make some extra profit as an added advantage.

How they Work

Usually, a small fee is charged to players who want to take part in the putting contest. If the number of golfers taking part is high, then you can hold a qualifying round, before the actual tournament, to thin the herd a bit. The finalists can then compete in the final round of the putting contest, to win a prize of considerable value.

Contest Formats

There are basically two different formats of putting contests:

Single Putt

The first is a single putt contest; in this type of putting contest, golfers try to hit a putt on the predetermined hole on the course. The distance of the shot is also decided beforehand. Each golfer gets a chance to win the contest with a single putt; if more than one golfer sinks the putt, then a tie breaking putt can determine the winner.

3-Putt Contest

A combination or 3-putt contest is the second form of putting contest that you can include in your tournament. In this type of putting contest, the golfers have to sink 3 putts, of varying distances, in a row to win the prize. A combination putting contest presents more difficulty for the players, so the prize has to be worth their while.

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