Dimples on Golf Balls; Why are they Important?

As you all know, we here at Advantage HIO like to discuss any and all things related to golf. So, it’s a wonder that we have not discussed this particular topic before; the dimples on a golf ball. We have all wondered about them at one point or another. While buying a gold ball, while cleaning it or during breaks on the course. So, here we are with the answer to this burning, yet still very fleeting, question.

Why Dimples?

You may have guessed it already, the dimples on a golf ball are there to serve a purpose and they aren’t just there for decorative purposes. In fact, there is a scientific explanation behind their existence and they are essential for achieving the desired results with a golf ball.


At first, golf balls were constructed to be as smooth as possible. It was thought that if the balls were smooth, it would help them travel longer distances; less wind resistance equals more distance. The logic was sound at the time, but this assumption proved false.

Don’t Forget the Spin

It was soon discovered that the golf ball spins in the air after being struck, this spin is the reason why smooth balls don’t travel the maximum distance. So, golfers came to a conclusion that if there were some groves or dimples on the ball, it would allow them to take advantage of the spin of the golf ball.

The Experiments

Golf ball manufacturers experimented with many different ball designs with different groove designs, slashes, pimples and dimples. Eventually, they selected the ball with the dimples as it offered the most effective aerodynamic effects.

The Lift

The dimples help convert the spin of the ball into a lift, which allows the ball to travel further. There are different variations of dimples, offering golfers different advantages; for example a ball that can travel more distance or a ball that allows for more control on the shot.

So, now you know why golf balls commonly have 336 dimples on them – just incase you were wondering how many dimples there are on the ball – and the purpose they serve. Keep visiting our blog for more interesting tidbits and important information about golf and hole in one insurance!