The Unwritten Rules of Golf (part 2)

There are so many unwritten rules in golf that we had to break this topic into two separate posts. As promised, we are back with the second part of the unwritten golf rules post. In this post we will continue to discuss the interesting and sometimes weird unwritten rules that all golfers have to follow on the course.

6. Fill the Divots

Leaving huge divots behind you will not earn you any points with the golfers coming up behind you. Unfilled divots drive golfers crazy, so fill the divot after you have taken your shot.

7. Don’t Lose it

We have all experienced it, the bad day when you can’t hit a single shot the way you want to. The key is not to lose it and scream and shout when you are having one of those days. Not only is this habit against golf etiquettes, it’s also unbecoming for a civilized player.

8. Freeze!

Very few sports, actually it’s just golf, require other players and audiences to be perfectly still when a player is taking a swing. If you move even slightly, it could break the concentration of the player and cause him to mishit the ball.

9. Dress the Part

Let’s face it, everyone at some point wishes that they could be like Happy Gilmore and dress and play like him. Alas, that is against the etiquettes of every golf course. You have to dress appropriately when you visit the golf course, from your headwear down to the shoes.

10. Learn the Etiquettes

There are many unwritten rules and proper golf course etiquettes that you can only learn by from experienced golfers. So, it is important that you learn the proper way to act and follow the unwritten rules to have the best golfing experience possible.

We hope that the information above and in the previous post will be helpful in turning you into everyone’s favorite golf buddy. They will also aid you in becoming a better player yourself. Don’t forget to checkout our other blog post to learn some entertaining facts about all things golf and hole in one insurance.