Improve your Short Game with these Killer Tips

A golf game can be won and lost at very short distances and it can lose you a lot of money, even the pros experience it from time to time. It’s a wonder why most golfers only put time and effort into improving their drives and they worry much less about improving their short game.

But worry not, as always we here at Advantage HIO bring you some very useful golfing tips. We aren’t just hole in one insurance and golf promotion service providers, we actually care a great deal about the game of golf and the players, and we do what we can to help them improve their skills. So here they are, the tips that will help you improve your short game, so you can avoid those embarrassing last minute losses at the course:


When players are a bit off their short game, they start thinking about it too much. They start experimenting with their putting, which can cause even more issues. Stick with the putter, get your putting grip right – keep your hands a little ahead of the ball – open your stance a bit and keep your arms firm when take the stroke.

Use the Wood

If the distance of your putt is a longer, you can put the putter down and go with a wood instead. You will be able to hit the ball a bit harder with a wood and it will travel a longer distance.

Don’t Shank the Ball

It is easier said than done, but you have to be very careful not to shank the golf ball when putting. Don’t break your concentration and keep the neck of the putter close to the ball, and hit the shot with confidence.

Uneven Lie

Uneven lies can be a challenge for golfers who are already struggling with their short game. For downslopes, you will need a sand wedge and a wide stance to pull off a shot. Keep your weight on the front foot and hit the shot down the slope, following through after making impact.


Hitting a short range upslope shot will require the use of the 8 iron, because the ball has to get airborne to get over the slope.

Don’t Tense Up

In crunch situations, players tend to tense up. This interrupts their flow and causes miss-hits in the short game. The key is to grip the putter with soft hands and keeping your arms steady.

Take what you can from these tips and start practicing your short game. And when you require any golf promotional services or hole in one insurance, you can give us a call (800.440.5070) or browse our site to learn more about the services we offer.

Caring for your Golf Equipment

Caring for your Golf Equipment

Is your Swing Too Old?

In the past, golfers had swings that required too much body movement. The undue movement put a lot of stress on their body. The modern golf swing, thanks to technology and innovation, relies on more stagnant positioning, which eliminates the amount stress on the body.

So, which type of golf swing do you have, the classic or the modern? Along with providing world class golf promotions and hole in one insurance to clients, we also provide useful advice to golfers. And in keeping with this tradition, we have gathered the information which will help you figure out what type of golf swing you have, and if you need to change it.


We will start with address position, obviously. The modern address position relies on players to stack their upper body above their lower body, which doesn’t require them to make any uncomfortable movement. They don’t have to shift their hips or spine when hitting the ball. The head position is neutral and not tilted towards the player’s right side, removing the stress from the neck.

Top Swing

The classic golf swing requires players to lock their right knee, when they bring the club over their head. This requires strenuous movement of the knee, which could become the cause of injuries. In the modern style the players turn their hip a little and keep their knees in a comfortable position, when raising their club for the back swing.

Down Swing

When bringing your club down, the modern style allows players to rotate their hips back to generate the power they need. The classic style requires the players to move their hips and knees laterally, which doesn’t allow you to swing your arms freely and get the distance on your shot that you require.


Players using the old golf swing slide their knees and hips way past the position of the ball and throw their head back. Modern golf swing allows you to keep your body straight at the point of impact, allowing you generate a powerful shot.

Follow Through

After making impact, the club will make a reverse ‘C’ as you follow through on your shot. The pivot motion will allow you to hit the ball with maximum power and your arms to extend fully. You will not have to move your head and body along with the club, like you have to with the classic swing.

Look for these signs in your golf swing to recognize if you have any of the old school golf influences. If you find that you have some or too many, make sure that you correct them. That way you will reduce the amount of stress on your body and enjoy playing golf for a long, long time. Browse our site, if you require any information about any of our services; you can also give us a call (800.440.5070) to let us know how we can help you.

Best Pro Golf Shots of 2014

This happens in every sport, when a new year begins people look back at the past year and remember the best and worst moments of the year. Sports magazines, TV channels, newspapers and websites all develop their own versions of “best of the year” pages or stories. We thought that we should give this practice a try as well. So, here it is, Advantage HIO’s Top 5 golf shots of the past year (2014):

5. Paula Creamer and Her 75 Foot Putt

We had to include this shot in our list because it was an impressive long range Eagle putt made under pressure, and the reaction of Creamer was priceless. She hit the put in a playoff bid to win the HSBC Women’s Championship. An amazing shot, a championship on the line and an unforgettable reaction from Paula Creamer made this shot one of the best golf shots of 2014.

4. Matt Jones’s Clutch Shot

This one was special; Matt Jones was in the running to win his first PGA Tour Title and standing in his way was one of the best golfers today, Matt Kuchar. Jones won the Shell Houston Open with a last effort pitch shot to win the championship and cement his spot in the Masters.

3. Tiger Woods and the 91 Foot Birdie

That sounds like the name of an old forgotten fairytale, but it isn’t. Since he spent most of the year on the injured list, the 91 foot birdie putt that Woods made at the Cadillac Championship was one of the very few highlights in the year for him.

2. Bubba Watson’s Amazing Poke off the Tee

This sort of ‘unorthodox’ shots became one of the most played highlights in golf in 2014. Watson hefted the shot away for an amazing 365 yards, creating the right buzz at Augusta National. And as a cherry on top, he added another green jacket to his wardrobe.

1. Victor Dubuisson Saves himself, Twice

It’s rare for an unknown golfer to become an instant sensation in the golfing world with just two shots. But Victor Dubuisson accomplished that feat at the WGC-Accenture Match Play. The Frenchman was down twice in the sudden death playoff and made two excellent par saves to stay in the game. He would eventually lose, but he made a name for himself in the golfing world with his heroics.

There you have it, the five best golfing moments, as far as the shots are concerned. For more golfing news and views, keep visiting our blog. And find out more about our hole in one insurance and promotional service, you can contact us ( any time.