Proper Care Techniques for Golf Clubs

It is safe to say that golf clubs are among the most expensive sports equipment that you can purchase. A good set of clubs can set you back by a few thousand dollars. It goes without saying that it is prudent to know how to take proper care of the clubs, so you don’t have to purchase golf clubs over and over again.

In this blog post, we thought that we would talk about the techniques for taking better care of ones golf clubs, so we can help golfers save some money – as we also do with our hole in one insurance. These are the tips that will help you keep your golf clubs looking new and shiny:

Head Care

Always keep the head of your golf clubs clean; the head gets exposed to a lot of dirt and debris, so clean them as often as you can. Wipe the head clean after every shot if possible and when you get home, you can use an old tooth brush to clean groves on the head.

  • Metal irons can be cleaned with soaking their heads in lukewarm water.
  • Metal woods should not be soaked in water; instead, you can dip in lukewarm water and then wipe them off with a cloth.
  • Wood heads should be kept away from water, you can use a piece of cloth to clean them; dampen the cloth a bit if you need to.

Shaft Care

Avoid leaning on the shafts and don’t smash them on the ground if you miss a shaft, this will improve their longevity. Steel shafts should be wiped off with a towel or piece of cloth. If you spot any rust spots, then try using a steel wool to get them off. You can use car wax for maintaining steel shafts as well.

If your clubs have graphite shafts, you will need to take extra care of them, as it is less durable. You should clean them regularly with just water and a towel.

Grip Care

A cracked or slippery grip on your golf club can cause you a lot of grief on the golf course, so you should take proper care of them to keep them in optimum condition. Examine them after every round of golf and replace them if the damage is too great. Dip a toothbrush in lukewarm water and use it to thoroughly clean the grips, you can rinse them as well, but never dip them in water for long periods of time.

These tips will help you care for each part of your golf clubs, so they can last a long time. If you are organizing a golf tournament and require promotional services, then give us a call (800.440.5070) and let us know how we can help you.