Selecting the Perfect Golf Clubs

Selecting the Perfect Golf Clubs

Choosing the perfect set of golf clubs may seem like a daunting task but most golf enthusiasts have no trouble finding the equipment they need for an enjoyable and hopefully successful day on the green. You can easily pick the right golf clubs when you consider your physical condition and body type before every club purchase.

Advantage Hole-in-One would like to remind you that golfing equipment is also designed according to the whether the player is male or female, as women’s golf clubs are usually more lightweight and flexible with softer shafts. Here are some other interesting facts to help you build the perfect golf club collection and up your game.

Improve Your Game with Your Very Own Set of Golf Clubs

While these tips may not transform you into a club-wielding Tiger Woods, they will help you choose the right golf equipment for your personal needs. Incorporate one or all of the following tips and maybe you will spend less time in the rough and more time on the fairway.

Golf Clubs Cost

Seriously, spending more money will not directly affect your game, so don’t rush out and buy the most expensive set of golf clubs available on the market – especially if you are a beginner. If you are a savvy shopper or bargain hunter, you may be able to find a starter set of golf clubs that are tough enough to endure your every mulligan. As you improve and learn more about the game, you can splurge where you like, incorporating new clubs into your collection.

Understanding Golf Grip

The overall thickness of your golf clubs’ grip can really affect your swing, as those which are too thin can restrict your movement and those too thick can encourage too much movement. With the club in your left hand, find a suitable grip that will allow the thumb minimal contact with the middle and ring fingers. If they cannot touch when holding the golf club, the grip is too big.

Choosing the correct golf club shaft length

Take it from the golf enthusiasts at Advantage Hole-in-One, the shaft is a crucial aspect when trying to find your golfing ‘mojo’. Your height should determine the length of the shaft while your overall build should be considered when choosing stiffness. Additionally, if you have a powerful swing that rips through the air, you should probably invest in a strong shaft. If your swing lacks that sort of intensity, your game will probably benefit from a regular shaft.

Clubheads and Irons

Clubheads are normally available in three sizes: over-sized, standard and mid-sized. Amateur golfers may want to start out with the larger, more forgiving clubheads. When choosing an iron, consider the quality of your aim. If you hit all over the clubface, you may want to purchase the cavity back iron. However, if you are an upcoming Rory McIlroy with precision aim, the muscle back iron will do nicely in your collection.

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