Positive Thinking in Playing Golf


A Happy Brain is a Thinking Brain

A happy brain thinks best. According to Shawn Achor, a former Harvard researcher and author of The Happiness Advantage, “Your brain at positive performs significantly better than it does at negative, neutral or stressed.” Below are a few tips on how to use positive thinking while playing golf to better your game.

Take Inventory

After a round of good golfing experiences take inventory. Note what went well, how did your decision making affect your game, and what was happening when you played well. Analyzing the positives of your play starts your brain’s happy thought patterns. Focus on the learning experience and your brain will be happy. Even a small positive improvement in your game helps your brain understand what behaviors matter; even a small victory will change thinking patterns and positively affect your golfing.

One helpful tool to utilize when a negative statement enters your mind is to stop and think: Is it fact or fiction? Is your golf swing always completely terrible? No. Maybe this happens occasionally, but it isn’t always. Once you begin to separate the fiction of always doing something wrong and shift your attention to the ways you play correctly, you rewire your thinking patterns.

Take Action

Remaining positive about your golf game means breaking negative thinking habits which happens with action. Here are some positive actionable behaviors you can take to increase a happy brain and improve your golf game.

Write Down Three Things You Did Well

Focus on the positive. Supplement negative thinking patterns with positive ones by taking the time to sit down, think about, and write about the three things you did right while playing. The act of writing something reinforces good thinking patterns.

Journal about a Good Game

Take it to the next level and sit down and journal about a good golf game. This combines the taking inventory of your golf game and taking action to fully immerse your brain in positive thinking skills.

Play More Golf!

Golf is a great way to improve your cardiovascular and pulmonary health and infuse your body with endorphins. You can read about it on our other blog post, The Health Benefits of Playing Golf. Promoting movement and wellness in your life teaches your brain that behaviors matter and increases positivity in your life and your golf game.

Positive Thinking in Playing Golf

Remember a happy brain is a thinking brain. Use actionable behaviors, such as writing down a good game, to rewire your brain’s thinking and promote positive thinking in playing golf.

March Madness Mania: A Brief History

March Madness Mania Promotions

What is March Madness

Every year a single-elimination tournament, informally named March Madness, is played by college basketball teams. At the end of the mania, one team from the in the Men’s Division I and the Women’s Division I are crowned champions. The tournament is organized by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). March Madness started in 1939 and is currently followed by millions of people. Every year March Madness fans fill out brackets in an attempt to correctly predict the outcome of all 68 games of the tournament.

When all the Madness Started

In 1939 The University of Oregon defeated The Ohio State University to win the first NCAA Men’s basketball championship tournament. Only eight teams competed for the title for the first twelve years. Soon after, the number of teams invited to compete began to grow.  The tournament is divided into four regions, with teams in those regions playing elimination rounds until a Final Four is created. The Final Four has one winning team from each region.

Diversity in the Games

While African Americans played in some of the early games, many schools refused to integrate well into the sixties. It was not until 1966 when Texas Western (now UTEP) became the first team to have an all-black starting line-up which win the championship that some diversity barriers began to fall. For women, the journey took longer. It wasn’t until 1982, that the NCAA held its first women’s basketball tournament. Today the Women’s Division I basketball championship mirrors the brackets of the Men’s Division I with 64 teams competing.

March Madness in 2016

This year the Men’s Division I tournament begins with the first round on March 15-16, 2016, in Dayton, Ohio and ends with the championship game on April 4, 2016, in Houston, Texas. The Women’s I Division tournament starts on March 18-21, 2016 and the Final Four play in Indianapolis, Indiana on April 3-5, 2016. Get ready to for the mania to begin!

Join in the Mania!

Join March Madness with our 2016 March Mania Bracket Challenge Promotions because our contests add excitement to your events! Just call Advantage Hole-in-One at 800-440-5070 today!


Top 5 Favorites from the PGA 2016 Merchandise Show

PGA 2016 Merchandise Show

PGA 2016 Merchandise Show

The PGA 2016 Merchandise Show was a four day affair in sunny Orlando, Florida and offered special events, such as indoor demo days, live radio broadcasts, and educational programs on a variety of topics. Our team at Advantage Hole In One was excited to be at the PGA 2016 Merchandise Show and mingle with PGA Professionals, industry leaders, and examine new technologies and test the latest products. After attending the PGA 2016 Merchandise Show we are even more excited about this year’s golf season and we can’t wait to share what we saw with you!

This year’s show was also the start of the PGA of America’s 100-day Centennial Celebration which commemorates the reaching influence of PGA professionals on the golf industry. The celebration included a literal tee off as the opening ceremony and in the #ThxPGAPro Lounge professionals paid tribute to their mentors in a series of national televised slots. What a fun time for all!

Top 5 Favorites from the PGA 2016 Merchandise Show:

1) Winn Golf Grips: A colorful array of grips specially formulated to give a unique feel and variety of firmness.

PGA 2016 Merchandise Show

2) Personalized Golf Bags: It’s always fun to see golf bags personalized with some of our favorite sports teams . . . .  even if they are rivals.

PGA 2016 Merchandise Show

3) OGIO Stars and Stripes Bags: OGIO had a great collection of stars and stripes golf bags where a portion of proceeds from the Special Ops Collection will be donated to charities that help support veterans.

PGA 2016 Merchandise Show

4) Garia’s Extended Golf Cart: Garia rolled out a golf cart that comfortably seats six people. In a sleek new modern design, this blue and orange beauty caught our eye.

PGA 2016 Merchandise Show PGA 2016 Merchandise Show

5) Golf Academy Simulator: This simulator from Golf Academy projects onto a screen, then captures a golfer’s swing, and afterward it analyzes the swing for corrections. What a great tool!

PGA 2016 Merchandise Show

Golf Promotions in Dallas TX

Golf Promotions Dallas TX
How to Promote Your Company with Golf Tournaments

Golf Promotions in Dallas TX

Have you ever wondered why so many companies seek golf outings and tournaments as business opportunities? Well the reality is golf attracts above average earners, placing your company’s name before these crowds give you the exposure you need for brand awareness to a very profitable audience. Golf tournaments also draw in retirees and seniors who have made enough investments and are in a good position of sponsoring businesses like yours. Whether you own a small or large business, regardless of budgets you can promote your brand in a variety of ways.

Become a Golf Sponsor | Promotion Signs & Banners

If sponsoring a golf tournament you can place your logo and company name on marketing signs & promotion banners. These can be placed alongside the main event, the entrance of the clubhouse, contest announcements or smaller signs that include directional signage. Becoming a golf sponsor is an excellent way of getting your brand name in front of people attending the game. A local tournaments could run at around the hundreds bracket cost while champion tournaments would cost anywhere from 10,000-50,000.

Host a Golf Contest | Hole In One in Dallas, TX

Another option is hosting your own tournament or golf event, start by giving Advantage Hole In One a call at (800) 440-5070 to quote Hole in One insurance. A golf tournament can be one of the best promotion strategies you could engage in, they attract a wide variety of players and a great audience. When hosting your own tournament you can cross promote with other businesses to gain a larger audience for your event. Advantage HIO can help you provide sponsors with banners, signs, and marketing material for your sponsors to receive the support you need. Many companies can use this as a strategy to advertise their businesses and may end up willing to promote your business to other colleagues or professionals.

Promoting a hole-in-one contest whereby the players have the opportunity to win a large prize can help boost the interest of those participating. Advantage Hole in One can provide the coverage you need to make this possible. When your business is ready to advertise for a golf tournament, contact our prize insurance agency, Advantage Hole In One, to review contest details, guidelines and prize details.

What is the Hole In One Prize at Your Event?

Every golfing tournament has its own promotional ideas, but one common contest that almost all tournaments feature is the hole in one contest. The basic idea behind it is that the first golfer to make a hole in one on a particular hole will win an exciting prize. The prizes that are offered differ from tournament to tournament, from cars to cash prizes and vacations to even space trips!

When choosing a hole in one prize, one can get a bit confused about selecting the right one. We will discuss some hole in one prize ideas here in this post and maybe we can help you find a prize that will suit your tournament.

Gold is Gold

A bag full of gold, golf bag that is; this is one of the most lucrative prizes offered by golf tournaments. A common golf bag will hold about 20 pounds of gold that will be worth about $600,000. So, make sure you get our hole in one insurance, if you decide on this prize. If you think this is too much, then you can replace the gold with silver.

Sports Car

A chance to win a sports car will always draw a nice number of players to your golfing tournament. Combine the car with a month or two of free gas and you have a recipe for success.

A Weekend Away

You can offer an exclusive weekend away for two, a little wine tasting in Napa and a stay at a 5 star hotel would make for a perfect hole in one prize.

Luxury Car Month

This is one of those unique prizes that you will not find in many golf tournaments which will help your tournament stand out. The idea behind this prize is that the winner gets to drive a different luxury or sports car every day for a whole month.

A 50/50 Split

You can offer a cash prize but add the 50/50 split to make the prize more interesting, half the prize goes to a winner and the other half goes to the charity of their choice.

The premise behind the hole in one prize is to make it as desirable as you can, so you can attract golfers to your tournament and make it a success. And if someone happens to make that hole in one shot we at Advantage HIO will be there to help you.

How To Improve Your Putting Game

3 Tips on How to Improve Your Putting Game

Golf is truly a game of inches. The best way to improve your score is to improve your putting game. You might be the best in the world at hitting a driver, but if you can’t make a closer putt, then you will be in big trouble. It’s the last shot in golf that really matters, and if you cannot connect the last shot, you will end up wasting strokes. To help you improve, here are three tips on how to up your putting game with Advantage HoleInOne.

Read the Green with Accuracy

Start by standing behind your ball with the hole in the distance and take a high-angle look at the ground that your ball is going to roll over. Squat down behind the ball. This will help you determine the breaks, sloping, moisture content and bends in the putting surface. Then pick the most prudent line of your putt. The idea is to figure out where your ball will roll based on the area between the hole and the ball.


Most beginners do not spend enough time practicing putting the way they should. The best thing you can do to up your putting game is to go out to the green and work hard on hitting the ball at a given target. Work on your speed, rolling the ball to certain spots and reading various angles on the green. Line up several balls and hit them consistently one after another. If you do this daily, putting will start to become second-nature.

Have the Right Mindset

You should have a positive mindset when approaching a putt. You should have a high level of confidence before you pick up the putter, believing that you are definitely going to nail the shot. If you are confident when approaching a putt, you are going to have a better chance of making it. Everyone has a way to putt, and you need to find out what works best for you. Do not try to force what works for another person, it might just make things worse for you.

For more information about beginner golfer instructions continue reading our blog, if you are interested in adding more excitement to your game awarding a price to the putting game winner please contact Advantage Hole In One insurance provider today!

Golf Health Benefits

The Health Benefits of Playing Golf

A world class sport, golf is played by millions across the globe both for competition and relaxation. Only recently have researchers begun to study the health benefits of this challenging pastime. As it turns out, golf is more than a pastime – it’s a great way to tone muscle, lose weight, and relieve stress. Advantage HoleInOne’s team has a passion for helping golfers enjoy the game while encouraging them to stay fit, and encourages golfers to explore the sport’s health benefits.

Weight Management

For most golfers, a typical 18-hole course requires walking a distance of nearly a mile. When choosing to walk instead of ride in a cart, golfers can expect to burn more than 100 calories by simply navigating a golf course and more than 700 calories if carrying their gear. According to a study referenced by the American Society of Golf Course Architects, some people can burn up to 1,500 calories during a single game. Active adults seeking a fun, relaxing way to burn calories turn to golf for weight loss and healthy weight management.

Playing Golf can improve Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Health

Between walking, carrying gear, and perfecting their swing, golfers do more than dominate the course – they benefit from improved heart and lung functioning. The heart and lungs are two of the hardest working organs in the body and often are the first to be affected by aging, disease, or injury. During a golf match, men and women can improve the overall functioning of their heart and lungs simply by enjoying the game.

Golf is a Stress Management Activity

Chronic stress concerns for many adults, particularly those who have been diagnosed with disease, suffered a personal loss, or are coping with the natural effects of aging. Stress can affect every aspect of health, from sleep cycles and emotions to memory and body weight. Mayo Clinic reports that individuals who spend time participating in relaxing activities and communing with friends benefit from a natural form of stress relief known to reduce the overall impact stressors can have on one’s health. In addition to fishing, meditating, and socializing, golfing is a great way to manage stress.

Advantage Hole In One supports the efforts of golfers everywhere that enjoy the sport’s unique challenges and have a passion for staying healthy.

Swing like a PGA Professional

Learning to Swing like a PGA Professional

Golf is the ultimate gentleman’s game. It’s no surprise that golf players seek perfecting their swing. Learning to make the transition from game playing to PGA Level swinging is a choice that involves focus, practice and consistently challenging the force of your swing. If you are interested in learning how to properly swing your club like a PGA Professional we’ve put together some tips from the pros that will help you vastly improve your distance.

Properly Holding the Golf Club

You need to have a natural hand position when swinging your golf club. Place the thumb of your lead hand in a downward position on the club. You need to see your knuckles of the middle and index fingers. The “V” that is made by the index finger and thumb should be pointing toward the rear shoulder, rather than the chin (which is a common mistake).

Once you have achieved the natural hand position, you need to learn what grip works best for you.

Golf Club Grips

There are three basic options:

  • Vardon Grip: This is the most commonly used and works by overlapping the pinkie finger of your trailing hand in between the middle and index finger of your lead hand.
  • Interlocking Grip: If you have a powerful forearm, smaller hands or weak wrists, this is the ideal option. The grip allows the hands to be literally locked together by curling your pinkie finger around the hand that is trailing and then around your lead hand’s index finger.
  • Ten Finger Grip: For beginners or those with joint pain or small hands this may be the most comfortable option. To achieve it you need to lock your trailing hand’s pinkie finger against the lead hands index finger.

Finding the right grip will help you hit the ball solidly with your club face.

Improve Your Golf Stance

Pros make swinging the golf club seem effortless. However, without the proper stance, you will likely miss the ball altogether. To achieve the proper stance do the following:

  • Align yourself
  • Spread your feet to shoulder width apart
  • Practice perfect posture – no slouching
  • Relax your muscles

The right stance, in combination with the right grip will set you up for achieving the proper swing and hitting the ball with plenty of power.
The fact is that in order to achieve the perfect swing, you will have to practice. The grip and the stance are just the foundation of swinging and hitting the golf ball. The old saying “practice makes perfect” is essential when it comes to golfing. Even after years of practice you may not have the perfect swing, but the more practice you get, the better you will become.

Now that you understand the best techniques for improving your golf swing, increase the competiveness of your game by organizing a Golf Tournament with Advantage Hole In One Insurance. Give us a call at (800) 440-5070, we will gladly explain the variety of Golf Contest types and the prizes we cover. Become a golf expert, entice the game by promoting sponsors, and offering an irresistible golf prize!

Selecting the Perfect Golf Clubs

Selecting the Perfect Golf Clubs

Choosing the perfect set of golf clubs may seem like a daunting task but most golf enthusiasts have no trouble finding the equipment they need for an enjoyable and hopefully successful day on the green. You can easily pick the right golf clubs when you consider your physical condition and body type before every club purchase.

Advantage Hole-in-One would like to remind you that golfing equipment is also designed according to the whether the player is male or female, as women’s golf clubs are usually more lightweight and flexible with softer shafts. Here are some other interesting facts to help you build the perfect golf club collection and up your game.

Improve Your Game with Your Very Own Set of Golf Clubs

While these tips may not transform you into a club-wielding Tiger Woods, they will help you choose the right golf equipment for your personal needs. Incorporate one or all of the following tips and maybe you will spend less time in the rough and more time on the fairway.

Golf Clubs Cost

Seriously, spending more money will not directly affect your game, so don’t rush out and buy the most expensive set of golf clubs available on the market – especially if you are a beginner. If you are a savvy shopper or bargain hunter, you may be able to find a starter set of golf clubs that are tough enough to endure your every mulligan. As you improve and learn more about the game, you can splurge where you like, incorporating new clubs into your collection.

Understanding Golf Grip

The overall thickness of your golf clubs’ grip can really affect your swing, as those which are too thin can restrict your movement and those too thick can encourage too much movement. With the club in your left hand, find a suitable grip that will allow the thumb minimal contact with the middle and ring fingers. If they cannot touch when holding the golf club, the grip is too big.

Choosing the correct golf club shaft length

Take it from the golf enthusiasts at Advantage Hole-in-One, the shaft is a crucial aspect when trying to find your golfing ‘mojo’. Your height should determine the length of the shaft while your overall build should be considered when choosing stiffness. Additionally, if you have a powerful swing that rips through the air, you should probably invest in a strong shaft. If your swing lacks that sort of intensity, your game will probably benefit from a regular shaft.

Clubheads and Irons

Clubheads are normally available in three sizes: over-sized, standard and mid-sized. Amateur golfers may want to start out with the larger, more forgiving clubheads. When choosing an iron, consider the quality of your aim. If you hit all over the clubface, you may want to purchase the cavity back iron. However, if you are an upcoming Rory McIlroy with precision aim, the muscle back iron will do nicely in your collection.

Play harder and try Hole in One Golf Contest | Learn more from Advantage HIO

At Advantage Hole in One we can guide you to arranging your very first Hole in One Contest and provide you with event coverage. Get number of golfers, yardage and prize information from Hole in One Insurance provider by calling 1(800) 440-5070. Read more about Golf Promotions to learn of other rewarding tournaments and contests.

World Class Golf

Top Five World Class Golf Destinations

Golf has long been one of the most popular past-times for the movers and shakers of the world. It has now trickled down to the masses and appeals to people from all backgrounds. While many vacation destinations have at least one golf course, there are some regions of the world where golf is not just an area interest but a tourist spot. Here are five of the top world class golf destinations in the world.

1. The Old Course: St. Andrews, Scotland. Often considered the birthplace of golf, Scotland has a number of beautiful courses but The Old Course is – surprise! – among the oldest, having been built in 1850. It is a consistent host of the Open Championship and offers a challenging, counter-clockwise course design. It has 112 bunkers and one of the largest greens of any course.

2. Dunes Golf & Beach Club: Myrtle Beach, S.C. This is the area’s most respected golf clubs, designed by Robert Trent Jones and built in 1948. Each hole is named with a distinctive title that lets the golfer know what challenges they will face on that hole. Most people are familiar with the “Waterloo” hole of par-5 #13 that involves a sharp dogleg around Lake Singleton.

3. Pebble Beach Resorts: Monterey Peninsula, California. Most people recognize Pebble Beach from hearing about it on television or from the popular video game. It is a course with a unique beauty, boasting greens that slope and fairways that hug the coastline. Pebble Beach has been ranked the #1 Public Golf Course for 2015/2016 by Golf Digest.

4. Rio Mar Beach Resort & Spa: Puerto Rico. This resort has two of the best golf courses in the world. They are situated on a beautiful Spanish estate from hundreds of years ago. It borders a Caribbean beach and a 28,000 acre tropical rainforest, making the scenery alone worth the visit.
5. PGA National Resort and Spa: Palm Beach Garden, Florida. This is one of the most renowned American golf courses, and a regular host of the PGA Senior Championships. This resort has five tournament-quality courses and a 40,000-square-foot spa to go along with a top-rated golf academy.

There you have it, the five most extravagant golf destinations! For more golf news, continue reading our blog, reach out to Advantage Hole in One for golf promotions, event & contest coverage. We are your one stop Golf Hole in One Insurance provider, give us a call at (800) 440-5070.