Hole In One Insurance Facts


Advantage Hole in One Insurance has a few facts about the challenge:

Who has the record for most aces? A man in California has made 59 hole in ones since 1964, with four of the 59 being in 1979. Oddly enough, the man is not a professional. The record for current pro golfers is 50.

Does age play a factor in whether or not a golfer will make the hole in one? Not at all. The oldest golfer to make a hole in one was 102, breaking the record of the 101 year old who made it a few years prior. Similarly, another man at age 92 shot his first hole in one in Florida, was blind from macular degeneration and couldn’t see his shot.

Aren’t these shots usually made with par threes? Nope. The longest hole in one made to date was on a 517 yard par 5 made in 2002 in Denver. How’s that for breaking expectations?

Isn’t this for pros? While a professional is more likely to make a hole in one, they are surprisingly not far ahead of the average golfer. Tiger Woods himself made his first hole in one at the age of six, but since 1996 he’s only made two. In fact, there’s only been one par 4 hole in one at a PGA tour, made by Andrew Magee. He was behind with two double bogeys and clearly frazzled by his performance when he drove the ball all the way to the green where another golfer was getting ready to putt. The shot bounced off his putter and rolled into the cup 10 feet away.

Check out this clip of what could be the craziest hole in one ever: