March Madness Mania: A Brief History

March Madness Mania Promotions

What is March Madness

Every year a single-elimination tournament, informally named March Madness, is played by college basketball teams. At the end of the mania, one team from the in the Men’s Division I and the Women’s Division I are crowned champions. The tournament is organized by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). March Madness started in 1939 and is currently followed by millions of people. Every year March Madness fans fill out brackets in an attempt to correctly predict the outcome of all 68 games of the tournament.

When all the Madness Started

In 1939 The University of Oregon defeated The Ohio State University to win the first NCAA Men’s basketball championship tournament. Only eight teams competed for the title for the first twelve years. Soon after, the number of teams invited to compete began to grow.  The tournament is divided into four regions, with teams in those regions playing elimination rounds until a Final Four is created. The Final Four has one winning team from each region.

Diversity in the Games

While African Americans played in some of the early games, many schools refused to integrate well into the sixties. It was not until 1966 when Texas Western (now UTEP) became the first team to have an all-black starting line-up which win the championship that some diversity barriers began to fall. For women, the journey took longer. It wasn’t until 1982, that the NCAA held its first women’s basketball tournament. Today the Women’s Division I basketball championship mirrors the brackets of the Men’s Division I with 64 teams competing.

March Madness in 2016

This year the Men’s Division I tournament begins with the first round on March 15-16, 2016, in Dayton, Ohio and ends with the championship game on April 4, 2016, in Houston, Texas. The Women’s I Division tournament starts on March 18-21, 2016 and the Final Four play in Indianapolis, Indiana on April 3-5, 2016. Get ready to for the mania to begin!

Join in the Mania!

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Top 5 Favorites from the PGA 2016 Merchandise Show

PGA 2016 Merchandise Show

PGA 2016 Merchandise Show

The PGA 2016 Merchandise Show was a four day affair in sunny Orlando, Florida and offered special events, such as indoor demo days, live radio broadcasts, and educational programs on a variety of topics. Our team at Advantage Hole In One was excited to be at the PGA 2016 Merchandise Show and mingle with PGA Professionals, industry leaders, and examine new technologies and test the latest products. After attending the PGA 2016 Merchandise Show we are even more excited about this year’s golf season and we can’t wait to share what we saw with you!

This year’s show was also the start of the PGA of America’s 100-day Centennial Celebration which commemorates the reaching influence of PGA professionals on the golf industry. The celebration included a literal tee off as the opening ceremony and in the #ThxPGAPro Lounge professionals paid tribute to their mentors in a series of national televised slots. What a fun time for all!

Top 5 Favorites from the PGA 2016 Merchandise Show:

1) Winn Golf Grips: A colorful array of grips specially formulated to give a unique feel and variety of firmness.

PGA 2016 Merchandise Show

2) Personalized Golf Bags: It’s always fun to see golf bags personalized with some of our favorite sports teams . . . .  even if they are rivals.

PGA 2016 Merchandise Show

3) OGIO Stars and Stripes Bags: OGIO had a great collection of stars and stripes golf bags where a portion of proceeds from the Special Ops Collection will be donated to charities that help support veterans.

PGA 2016 Merchandise Show

4) Garia’s Extended Golf Cart: Garia rolled out a golf cart that comfortably seats six people. In a sleek new modern design, this blue and orange beauty caught our eye.

PGA 2016 Merchandise Show PGA 2016 Merchandise Show

5) Golf Academy Simulator: This simulator from Golf Academy projects onto a screen, then captures a golfer’s swing, and afterward it analyzes the swing for corrections. What a great tool!

PGA 2016 Merchandise Show