Positive Thinking in Playing Golf


A Happy Brain is a Thinking Brain

A happy brain thinks best. According to Shawn Achor, a former Harvard researcher and author of The Happiness Advantage, “Your brain at positive performs significantly better than it does at negative, neutral or stressed.” Below are a few tips on how to use positive thinking while playing golf to better your game.

Take Inventory

After a round of good golfing experiences take inventory. Note what went well, how did your decision making affect your game, and what was happening when you played well. Analyzing the positives of your play starts your brain’s happy thought patterns. Focus on the learning experience and your brain will be happy. Even a small positive improvement in your game helps your brain understand what behaviors matter; even a small victory will change thinking patterns and positively affect your golfing.

One helpful tool to utilize when a negative statement enters your mind is to stop and think: Is it fact or fiction? Is your golf swing always completely terrible? No. Maybe this happens occasionally, but it isn’t always. Once you begin to separate the fiction of always doing something wrong and shift your attention to the ways you play correctly, you rewire your thinking patterns.

Take Action

Remaining positive about your golf game means breaking negative thinking habits which happens with action. Here are some positive actionable behaviors you can take to increase a happy brain and improve your golf game.

Write Down Three Things You Did Well

Focus on the positive. Supplement negative thinking patterns with positive ones by taking the time to sit down, think about, and write about the three things you did right while playing. The act of writing something reinforces good thinking patterns.

Journal about a Good Game

Take it to the next level and sit down and journal about a good golf game. This combines the taking inventory of your golf game and taking action to fully immerse your brain in positive thinking skills.

Play More Golf!

Golf is a great way to improve your cardiovascular and pulmonary health and infuse your body with endorphins. You can read about it on our other blog post, The Health Benefits of Playing Golf. Promoting movement and wellness in your life teaches your brain that behaviors matter and increases positivity in your life and your golf game.

Positive Thinking in Playing Golf

Remember a happy brain is a thinking brain. Use actionable behaviors, such as writing down a good game, to rewire your brain’s thinking and promote positive thinking in playing golf.