Cool Weather Golf Tips

Cold weather is not a golfer’s friend; it’s a simple enough fact. But, golfers can’t seem to accept it; players who love the game want to keep playing, come hell or high water – or in this case low temperature. Since we have been around the game of golf for a while – providing golf promotional ideas and hole in one prize insurance – so we thought we should present some useful tips for these passionate players:

Ditch the Cart

If the temperature is low and you still want to tee off, then you should forget about the golf cart and walk around on the course instead. Walking will warm up your body, which will come in handy when you are taking a swing at the ball.

Invest in Gloves

Keeping your hands warm is of the utmost importance, unless you want to lose the control and finesse in your game. Wear gloves, when you are not taking a shot or keep your hands in your pocket, to keep them warm.

Warmer Golf Ball is your Friend

You can’t let your golf ball get cold; a cold ball will not travel as far as a warm ball. You could lose a good 5 yards, if you take a shot with a colder ball. You can keep the golf ball in your pocket, when you are commuting between holes.

Warm Clothing

Wear warm clothing, but don’t bundle up so much that it gets hard to take a swing at the ball. Go with a thermal under shirt and a couple of more layers of clothing – a golfing shirt and a sweater – on top of it will keep you adequately warm.

Give yourself a Reality Check

The most important thing to remember is that, you are playing in cold weather and your game will suffer. There may be a slight to a moderate increase in your scoring average, depending on how low the temperature is. Because, as we have said, the cold golf ball will not travel that far and your swing will lose its precision because of the low temperatures.

We hope that you can make use of the tips above and play golf well, even in cold weather. Were these tips helpful? Let us know by leaving your comments below.

Other Contests for your Golf Tournament

Different contests can add value and excitement to any golf tournament. You can include these contests, to attract players and sponsors to your tournament. You can even get secondary sponsors, for each contest featured in your tournament.

The most popular contest featured in golf tournaments is the hole in one contest. If your tournament is featuring this contest, then you can contact us for your hole in one insurance. But, if you want to do something a bit different and less costly, then read on to find out about the options you have:

Putting Contest

A putting contest is always a player favorite; there are two different versions of a putting contest. In the first one the players have to make a single predetermined putt, and in the second version the players can sink different types of putts. A modest prize can be presented to the winner of the contest. You can add an extra sponsor for this competition and even charge a participation fee, to raise extra funds. Advantage HIO offers a special package, for the promotion of this contest.

Beat the Pro

If you can get a pro golfer to participate in your tournament, then a beat the pro contest can be featured in it. Players can be charged to challenge the pro for one hole of play, and if they win they get a prize.

Closest to the Pin

A longest drive or closest to the pin contest, can bring some excitement to your tournament. Charge a nominal participation fee and offer up prizes like free rounds of golf, shirts, caps, golf balls etc. Have a volunteer with a measuring device at the ready, when the contest commences; so, the winner can be chosen fairly.

Shoot-out Contest

A shoot-out contest can be as thrilling as a hole in one contest, ask the players to participate in chance to win a big prize. Pick the golfers who will compete for the prize and watch the competition unfold. We offer a special promotional package for shoot-out contests and prize insurance as well.

You can give us a call (800.440.5070) or visit our website to learn more about our promotional services and hole in one insurance.

What are the Odds of a Hole In One?

A hole in one shot is a highlight for any golfer, something that they talk about for the rest of their life; because most players can go a whole life time without ever making a hole in one. Odds of making a hole in one shot are never in any player’s favor. Amateurs aside, there are even some pro players who have never made a hole in one shot.

The massive odds against it are probably the reason why it is such a big deal, and why a hole in one contest can be promotional gold, for any golf tournament. But, do make sure that you contact us for your hole in one insurance, because there are instances when the following odds have been defied:


There are different factors that can change have an effect on the odds of a player making a hole in one. Most obvious of the factor is whether a player is a pro or not; pros are more likely to make hole in one shots then amateurs. The “King of Aces”, Mancil Davis, is a pro with the records hole in one shots made, 51. Then there is the distance from the tee to the green, the shorter the distance, the better the odds.


As we have mentioned above, pros have better odds of making a hole in one shot. Their odds of hitting an ace are 3000 to 1, as compared to an amateur’s odds, which are 12,000 to 1.  There is also a another category of golfers right in the middle, which is amateurs with a low handicap; their odds of making that shot are 5000 to 1.

If you increase the distance from tee to hole, the odds of an amateur making a hole in one go up to 150,000 to 1. Odds of a duo of players hitting a hole in one, in the same tournament, are 17 million to one; but, two Australian golfers defied these very same odds in 2012. And if you are wondering about what the odds are for a same player to make two holes in one in the same tournament; they are 67 million to 1. A fact that Jason Cheng didn’t even know about, but he still beat those odds.

These are some interesting facts about the factors and odds of hitting a hole in one shot. As you can clearly see that odds are never in the favor of the player, but they can be defied. So, the odds will be better for your budget, if you have our hole in one insurance.

Why Purchase advantage Hole In One Insurance?


How Expensive is Hole In One Insurance?

Any golfer, who has ever made a hole in one, will tell you how thrilling it is to hit that shot. And the excitement is doubled, when tournament organizers are offering a hole in one prize. Hole in one competition can add great promotional value to any golf tournament, but the prizes have to buzz worthy; in simple terms, the prize should be lucrative. That is the only way you will attract the players, and consequently the sponsors, you want.

Such a prize can cause a big dent in your budget; to avoid that the easy solution is to get hole in one insurance. We at Advantage HIO, provide hole in one prize insurance to clients in US, Canada and England. We often receive queries from our clients, inquiring about the exact costs and expenses of hole in one insurance. So, we thought that we should write a post detailing the cost calculations of hole in one insurance.

Insurance Expense

The cost of any hole in one prize insurance depends on three major factors, the value of the prize being offered, the number of players participating in the tournament and the distance from the tee off point to the green (yardage).

Value of Prize

The value of the prize you offer depends on the scale of your tournament and the promotional value you want to add to it. Basically, you can offer a prize worth, or cash, a few thousand dollars to a million dollars or even more. The value of the prize has a direct impact on the insurance cost, as the value goes up, so does the cost of the insurance.

Number of Participants

The number of players can determine the probability of the shot being made. A tournament with 144 players will charged more for their hole in one insurance, than a tournament that has 72 players.


The distance from the tee to the hole can affect the odds of a player making a hole in one. So, depending on the insurance provider, the cost of your hole in one insurance will vary, owing to the yardage.

Average Costs

After considering the factors mentioned above, we will calculate the cost of your insurance. We can some examples, to give you a better idea about how expensive hole in one insurance is. A tournament that has 72 players and $8000 in prize, with a 150 yardage, will be charged around $200 or less for hole in one insurance. A tournament with 144 players, $50,000 prize and a 170 yardage, will be charged $1500 or less. If you want to go big, like a million dollar prize, then your insurance costs can be in the high thousands.

We hope that the information above is helpful for you. To get more accurate costs, you can request a quote from our website.