The Unwritten Rules of Golf (part 2)

There are so many unwritten rules in golf that we had to break this topic into two separate posts. As promised, we are back with the second part of the unwritten golf rules post. In this post we will continue to discuss the interesting and sometimes weird unwritten rules that all golfers have to follow on the course.

6. Fill the Divots

Leaving huge divots behind you will not earn you any points with the golfers coming up behind you. Unfilled divots drive golfers crazy, so fill the divot after you have taken your shot.

7. Don’t Lose it

We have all experienced it, the bad day when you can’t hit a single shot the way you want to. The key is not to lose it and scream and shout when you are having one of those days. Not only is this habit against golf etiquettes, it’s also unbecoming for a civilized player.

8. Freeze!

Very few sports, actually it’s just golf, require other players and audiences to be perfectly still when a player is taking a swing. If you move even slightly, it could break the concentration of the player and cause him to mishit the ball.

9. Dress the Part

Let’s face it, everyone at some point wishes that they could be like Happy Gilmore and dress and play like him. Alas, that is against the etiquettes of every golf course. You have to dress appropriately when you visit the golf course, from your headwear down to the shoes.

10. Learn the Etiquettes

There are many unwritten rules and proper golf course etiquettes that you can only learn by from experienced golfers. So, it is important that you learn the proper way to act and follow the unwritten rules to have the best golfing experience possible.

We hope that the information above and in the previous post will be helpful in turning you into everyone’s favorite golf buddy. They will also aid you in becoming a better player yourself. Don’t forget to checkout our other blog post to learn some entertaining facts about all things golf and hole in one insurance.

The Unwritten Rules of Golf (part 1)

Everyone who has ever played golf knows that the rules are easy enough to follow, the low scoring part takes some getting used to, but the rest is pretty straight forward. However, this is only true for the rules that are written, there is a list of whole other rules which are not written but every golfer still knows them by heart. So, unless you want to handle the wrath of golfers around you, you should peruse these unwritten golf rules below:

1. Fore!

Every golfer has mishit a shot or two in their playing career, and whenever a wayward shot is hit it is customary to yell Fore! This tells the golfers in your immediate vicinity to duck and avoid getting hit with the ball.

2. Watch the Line

One of the biggest mistakes you can make on a golf course is to walk through the putting line of other players. The spikes on your shoes will damage the ground and if that damage is in the putting line of your fellow golfers, they will not be too happy about it.

3. Shake the Hands

This is another tradition that has been popularized by the pros; you should thank your fellow players after the play and shake their hands.

4. Watch where you put your Shadow

This is another weird but very essential unwritten rule. When you are on the green and someone else is putting, you should watch where your shadow is falling and that it is not directly over the hole. It would make it hard for the players to judge their putting distance.

5. Ready, Hit!

This unwritten rule says that the written rules can be ignored in certain situations. Particularly when the player farthest from the hole is asked to play first, this takes longer. So, ignore this and let the player who is ready to hit play first and you won’t slow everyone else down and be the Ben Crane of your group.

This is it for this part of the blog; we will be back with more unwritten golf rules in the second part of the blog. Meanwhile you can check out other posts and learn interesting things about the sport we all love and also, some important information on hole in one insurance.

Dimples on Golf Balls; Why are they Important?

As you all know, we here at Advantage HIO like to discuss any and all things related to golf. So, it’s a wonder that we have not discussed this particular topic before; the dimples on a golf ball. We have all wondered about them at one point or another. While buying a gold ball, while cleaning it or during breaks on the course. So, here we are with the answer to this burning, yet still very fleeting, question.

Why Dimples?

You may have guessed it already, the dimples on a golf ball are there to serve a purpose and they aren’t just there for decorative purposes. In fact, there is a scientific explanation behind their existence and they are essential for achieving the desired results with a golf ball.


At first, golf balls were constructed to be as smooth as possible. It was thought that if the balls were smooth, it would help them travel longer distances; less wind resistance equals more distance. The logic was sound at the time, but this assumption proved false.

Don’t Forget the Spin

It was soon discovered that the golf ball spins in the air after being struck, this spin is the reason why smooth balls don’t travel the maximum distance. So, golfers came to a conclusion that if there were some groves or dimples on the ball, it would allow them to take advantage of the spin of the golf ball.

The Experiments

Golf ball manufacturers experimented with many different ball designs with different groove designs, slashes, pimples and dimples. Eventually, they selected the ball with the dimples as it offered the most effective aerodynamic effects.

The Lift

The dimples help convert the spin of the ball into a lift, which allows the ball to travel further. There are different variations of dimples, offering golfers different advantages; for example a ball that can travel more distance or a ball that allows for more control on the shot.

So, now you know why golf balls commonly have 336 dimples on them – just incase you were wondering how many dimples there are on the ball – and the purpose they serve. Keep visiting our blog for more interesting tidbits and important information about golf and hole in one insurance!