What are the Odds of a Hole In One?

A hole in one shot is a highlight for any golfer, something that they talk about for the rest of their life; because most players can go a whole life time without ever making a hole in one. Odds of making a hole in one shot are never in any player’s favor. Amateurs aside, there are even some pro players who have never made a hole in one shot.

The massive odds against it are probably the reason why it is such a big deal, and why a hole in one contest can be promotional gold, for any golf tournament. But, do make sure that you contact us for your hole in one insurance, because there are instances when the following odds have been defied:


There are different factors that can change have an effect on the odds of a player making a hole in one. Most obvious of the factor is whether a player is a pro or not; pros are more likely to make hole in one shots then amateurs. The “King of Aces”, Mancil Davis, is a pro with the records hole in one shots made, 51. Then there is the distance from the tee to the green, the shorter the distance, the better the odds.


As we have mentioned above, pros have better odds of making a hole in one shot. Their odds of hitting an ace are 3000 to 1, as compared to an amateur’s odds, which are 12,000 to 1.  There is also a another category of golfers right in the middle, which is amateurs with a low handicap; their odds of making that shot are 5000 to 1.

If you increase the distance from tee to hole, the odds of an amateur making a hole in one go up to 150,000 to 1. Odds of a duo of players hitting a hole in one, in the same tournament, are 17 million to one; but, two Australian golfers defied these very same odds in 2012. And if you are wondering about what the odds are for a same player to make two holes in one in the same tournament; they are 67 million to 1. A fact that Jason Cheng didn’t even know about, but he still beat those odds.

These are some interesting facts about the factors and odds of hitting a hole in one shot. As you can clearly see that odds are never in the favor of the player, but they can be defied. So, the odds will be better for your budget, if you have our hole in one insurance.