The Unwritten Rules of Golf (part 1)

Everyone who has ever played golf knows that the rules are easy enough to follow, the low scoring part takes some getting used to, but the rest is pretty straight forward. However, this is only true for the rules that are written, there is a list of whole other rules which are not written but every golfer still knows them by heart. So, unless you want to handle the wrath of golfers around you, you should peruse these unwritten golf rules below:

1. Fore!

Every golfer has mishit a shot or two in their playing career, and whenever a wayward shot is hit it is customary to yell Fore! This tells the golfers in your immediate vicinity to duck and avoid getting hit with the ball.

2. Watch the Line

One of the biggest mistakes you can make on a golf course is to walk through the putting line of other players. The spikes on your shoes will damage the ground and if that damage is in the putting line of your fellow golfers, they will not be too happy about it.

3. Shake the Hands

This is another tradition that has been popularized by the pros; you should thank your fellow players after the play and shake their hands.

4. Watch where you put your Shadow

This is another weird but very essential unwritten rule. When you are on the green and someone else is putting, you should watch where your shadow is falling and that it is not directly over the hole. It would make it hard for the players to judge their putting distance.

5. Ready, Hit!

This unwritten rule says that the written rules can be ignored in certain situations. Particularly when the player farthest from the hole is asked to play first, this takes longer. So, ignore this and let the player who is ready to hit play first and you won’t slow everyone else down and be the Ben Crane of your group.

This is it for this part of the blog; we will be back with more unwritten golf rules in the second part of the blog. Meanwhile you can check out other posts and learn interesting things about the sport we all love and also, some important information on hole in one insurance.