Transitioning from Business Man to Golfer

Today we will talk about one of the most important aspects of playing golf, and it has nothing to do with the actual game golf itself. Yes, we are talking about business golf. There are many deals struck and made during the course of a golf game, but there is a certain art to making business deals on the golf course.

We know a lot about business – exhibit ‘A’ Advantage HIO, a leading hole in one insurance provider in the world – and a fair amount about golf as well. So, we thought that we would give our two cents on the topic of business golf. These following tips will help you to transition into a golfer from a business man and back all the while enjoying a round of golf:

1. Cautious Confidence

If you haven’t played golf before, then you are in a lot of trouble; you may want to get some lessons before you tee off with your business counterpart or go through our blog for some golfing tips. If you are a regular golfer, you shouldn’t be worried about anything. Be confident and cautious at the same time, because your golfing skills may be outmatched and also remember that you aren’t playing to win.

2. Shop Talk

You can’t just step on to the course and start talking about business, right from the start; you have to wait for the opportune moment. This moment could be the midway drinks break or if you are waiting behind an extremely slow golfer.

3. Dress the Part

You have to make sure that you dress the part. Don’t dress too casually or too formally, find the fine line in-between and go with that. Or you can go with proper golf attire and forget about your ‘dressing right’ woes.

4. The Deal

Once you start the conversation about the business deal, make sure to keep it casual. But at the same time you have to provide the other party with all the important information that they need to hear.

5. The Follow-up

You don’t necessarily have to close the deal on the golf course. You can call your golfing partners the next day and see if you can put the finishing touches on your business deal.

Take note of these tips when you go out for the next round of business golf and who knows, they might actually come in handy. You can call us (800.440.5070) to inquire about our services and how we can help you organize the best golf tournaments for your business partners.