Swing like a PGA Professional

Learning to Swing like a PGA Professional

Golf is the ultimate gentleman’s game. It’s no surprise that golf players seek perfecting their swing. Learning to make the transition from game playing to PGA Level swinging is a choice that involves focus, practice and consistently challenging the force of your swing. If you are interested in learning how to properly swing your club like a PGA Professional we’ve put together some tips from the pros that will help you vastly improve your distance.

Properly Holding the Golf Club

You need to have a natural hand position when swinging your golf club. Place the thumb of your lead hand in a downward position on the club. You need to see your knuckles of the middle and index fingers. The “V” that is made by the index finger and thumb should be pointing toward the rear shoulder, rather than the chin (which is a common mistake).

Once you have achieved the natural hand position, you need to learn what grip works best for you.

Golf Club Grips

There are three basic options:

  • Vardon Grip: This is the most commonly used and works by overlapping the pinkie finger of your trailing hand in between the middle and index finger of your lead hand.
  • Interlocking Grip: If you have a powerful forearm, smaller hands or weak wrists, this is the ideal option. The grip allows the hands to be literally locked together by curling your pinkie finger around the hand that is trailing and then around your lead hand’s index finger.
  • Ten Finger Grip: For beginners or those with joint pain or small hands this may be the most comfortable option. To achieve it you need to lock your trailing hand’s pinkie finger against the lead hands index finger.

Finding the right grip will help you hit the ball solidly with your club face.

Improve Your Golf Stance

Pros make swinging the golf club seem effortless. However, without the proper stance, you will likely miss the ball altogether. To achieve the proper stance do the following:

  • Align yourself
  • Spread your feet to shoulder width apart
  • Practice perfect posture – no slouching
  • Relax your muscles

The right stance, in combination with the right grip will set you up for achieving the proper swing and hitting the ball with plenty of power.
The fact is that in order to achieve the perfect swing, you will have to practice. The grip and the stance are just the foundation of swinging and hitting the golf ball. The old saying “practice makes perfect” is essential when it comes to golfing. Even after years of practice you may not have the perfect swing, but the more practice you get, the better you will become.

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