What is the Hole In One Prize at Your Event?

Every golfing tournament has its own promotional ideas, but one common contest that almost all tournaments feature is the hole in one contest. The basic idea behind it is that the first golfer to make a hole in one on a particular hole will win an exciting prize. The prizes that are offered differ from tournament to tournament, from cars to cash prizes and vacations to even space trips!

When choosing a hole in one prize, one can get a bit confused about selecting the right one. We will discuss some hole in one prize ideas here in this post and maybe we can help you find a prize that will suit your tournament.

Gold is Gold

A bag full of gold, golf bag that is; this is one of the most lucrative prizes offered by golf tournaments. A common golf bag will hold about 20 pounds of gold that will be worth about $600,000. So, make sure you get our hole in one insurance, if you decide on this prize. If you think this is too much, then you can replace the gold with silver.

Sports Car

A chance to win a sports car will always draw a nice number of players to your golfing tournament. Combine the car with a month or two of free gas and you have a recipe for success.

A Weekend Away

You can offer an exclusive weekend away for two, a little wine tasting in Napa and a stay at a 5 star hotel would make for a perfect hole in one prize.

Luxury Car Month

This is one of those unique prizes that you will not find in many golf tournaments which will help your tournament stand out. The idea behind this prize is that the winner gets to drive a different luxury or sports car every day for a whole month.

A 50/50 Split

You can offer a cash prize but add the 50/50 split to make the prize more interesting, half the prize goes to a winner and the other half goes to the charity of their choice.

The premise behind the hole in one prize is to make it as desirable as you can, so you can attract golfers to your tournament and make it a success. And if someone happens to make that hole in one shot we at Advantage HIO will be there to help you.